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Sustainability policy.

DINAGER S.A.S. Travel agency accredited to chamber of commerce for the promotion, commercialization and operation of tourist products and services.

Company committed to quality in all products and services offered, as well as in all aspects of its activity in the operational, administrative and commercial area, operating under the model of sustainability in accordance with the sectorial technical standards of tourism Sustainable development designed to ensure the preservation of the environment, cultural expressions and traditions of the places where we will develop our tourism activities, including in our offer local projects selected for their ecological and / or socio-cultural character through their inclusion in our travel negotiations with Which we seek to contribute to the economic development of all who are involved with the tourist activities operated by Dinager sas

Based on the experience of our staff, participation in training and activities related to the NTS-TS-300 and related topics, to ensure the delivery of quality products and services, as well as a careful selection of suppliers and Activities that implement and promote good practices established for the development of sustainable tourism.
Trv 74 N 31-111 Cartagena de Indias COLOMBIA P: +57 313 2479766 eMail: Info@dinager.com - By: jmorales@dinager.com
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